Visual/Sensory Art Program - Glenallen School

The students are involved in a variety of art activities and experiences including, painting, drawing, collage, construction and clay modelling.

Some students will use sign, art specific aided language displays, A4 pictographs or auditory scanning to make choices and/or give directions. Sensory exploration and awareness is also an important part of the visual/sensory art program. Reaching out to touch or grasp tools and materials develops body awareness and the understanding of texture. Visually and/or aurally attending when working on a group project is very important. Being actively involved in the cleaning up process is strongly encouraged. Where possible, the art program links with the class themes. All students are encouraged to be as independent as possible. Working as part of a team is also an important part of the program. 


  • Exploring with hands and senses.
  • Using a variety of painting tools.
  • Blending/mixing colours using different objects-whisks, switches etc.
  • Using different backgrounds to create different effects-painting on fabric, cardboard boxes, etc.
  • Using oils and water colours.
  • Using water colour washes.
  • Portrait and landscape studies.
  • Working as part of a team to create displays.


  • Using different shading techniques.
  • Oil pastels and charcoal.
  • Co-actively and/or independently experimenting with a variety of drawing media.
  • Experimenting with different materials.
  • Picture making.

Clay Modelling

  • Co-active and/or independent clay manipulation. 
  • Describing work.
  • Making requests.
  • Choice-making.

Collage and Construction

  • Use hands to explore materials.
  • Choice making.
  • Design.