Nurse - Glenallen School

Glenallen has a full time and a casual Registered Division 1 Nurse.

The nurse is responsible for meeting the medical and physical care needs of students. 

This involves:

  • Administering medication, managing medical situations which may occur during the school day.
  • The management of all the enteral feeds. (Gastrostomy & Nasogastric).
  • Communicating with parents, carers, and staff to keep up to date with student’s changing needs.
  • Ensuring that all staff and students’ families are aware of our nut awareness policy, which asks that no whole nuts or food with nut traces are brought to school (this is to protect students with severe allergies to nuts who have an anaphylaxis reaction).
  • Provide professional health care backup and advice to all staff members caring for students.
  • Coordinate Council Immunization School Program for 12 and 16 year old students.
  • Liaise with other health professionals.
  • Organise enrolment clinics for new students and their families.
  • Organise the appointments for the Paediatric Clinic, which is attended by Dr Dinah Reddihough from the Royal Children’s Hospital.
  • Liaise with the School Dental Service who visit during the school year.