Performing Arts Program - Glenallen School

Performing Arts encompasses dance, drama and music and is integrated into classroom curriculum, therapy sessions and specialist programs across the whole school.

Learning experiences in The Performing Arts sessions provide individual students with skills, understanding and confidence to participate more fully in music activities throughout their lives. The program is aimed at developing and providing opportunities for experimentation, enjoyment, self-expression, appreciation and success.

  • Programs are student focused. The students use their individual communication methods or appropriate aids to choose the activities in the sessions. Individual hand-function, class behaviour routines and class topics are followed as much as possible in the programs to allow for a consistent team approach for the students.
  • Adapted equipment is used. This includes musical instruments and equipment accessed by specialised switches or hung on stands so they can be easily accessed from a wheelchair or by students with limited hand and arm movement. We have several technicians who will modify any of our instruments to suit individual student requirements.
  • Sensory programs are accessed. This incorporates visual, auditory and tactile stimulation which allow for sequenced and structured activities promoting quiet movement and stimulation.
  • Technology. In the Performing Arts sessions the students have access to a range of new technology: synthesizers, electronic drum kit, electronic percussion and a percussion quartet.
  • Specialised computer programs are used. The Super Duper Music Looper and Acid Music Studio programs and Sony Vegas allow the students to incorporate their performances into songs, music videos and movies.